Richard Spencer's favourite film has an interesting genealogical theme.

Some clever person did a bunch of research and looked into Richard Spencer’s background, but also made the accusation that Richard Spencer has Jewish ancestors:
Sherry Spencer’s father, being Richard Spencer’s grandfather on his mom’s side, is Richard Dickenhorst (1923-2002). And his mother, being Richard Spencer’s great-grandmother, was Birdie M E Eckstein (1893-1972) – Jewish! Her father, being Richard Spencer’s great-great-grandfather, was August S. Eckstein (1859-1929) – also Jewish!
It is not really reliable to infer from last names alone that Spencer has a Jewish ancestor, especially since no one in his family looks Jewish.

Here are his parents, who are cute in that way that couples get when they have seemingly opposite personalities but work well together. Note the open smile from the mother and the kill-you-and-eat-you death stare from the dad.

On to the last name Eckstein, which means “cornerstone” in German and is explained by Ancestry.com—as cited in the article—as follows:
German: from Middle High German ecke “corner” + stein “stone,” hence a metonymic occupational name for a stonemason or bricklayer, or a topographic name for someone who lived near a rocky outcrop. Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name from German “cornerstone.”
In other words, this name could imply Jewishness… but just as equally could simply be a German family name. When the Ashkenazim split off from other diaspora Jewish groups, they cut themselves down to a little over three hundred individuals and began a long path through Eastern Europe into Germany, where many adopted the “ornamental” names that most of recognize as Jewish: Rosenthal, Steinberg, Kauffmann, Goldberg, and so on.

Some of these described occupations, and others were pleasant-sounding names that covered up the original Middle Eastern origin names. But that does not mean that only Jews took these ornamental names, or that there was not overlap with occupational names, such as might belong to a stonemason.

More research would be needed if one found this issue difficult. It seems more likely to me that Spencer has risen above the rest as a leader, and so he is getting criticism from those who either want to take his place, think they should have been in his place, or want to destroy anyone who does not share their ideology, which with people of this type usually means accelerationism plus preparations for an apocalyptic final race war.

People like Spencer and other higher-IQ thought leaders on the Right tend to instead look at our current situation as one might a corporation hovering near bankruptcy: bad decisions were made, so we need to un-do those and start instead doing what made the company successful in the past, but improve it so that it can be reborn as even more powerful than before.

Even if Spencer were 100% Jewish and wearing a rainbow kippah, if he can push our people in that direction, he is someone we should listen to.


  1. Who is 'our people" Pastor? and in What direction?

  2. One of the rules of organizational management is that the business or organization begins to take on the personality and culture of it's leadership. Birds of a feather will flock together.
    For example, if it's a laid back hippy dippy place- they will hire and retain those who are hippy dippy. And those who are button down will eventually feel uncomfortable go elsewhere. If the corporation is a button down , no nonsense place- the hippy dippy employees will eventually go elsewhere. and the button down employees will stay.

    Ben and Jerries vs IBM

    1. If the Catholic Church or the military begins to get a homosexual leadership- then that is eventually going to be the culture and personality over time. Non -Homosexualists will move away.
      or if Jewish Commies or wealthy Shi'a or Sunni activists take over the entertainment industry.
      It's just good to know.
      any one can form any group they want as long as they aren't trying to fool people.
      If a White nationalist group is run by 'foreign Ethnics" presenting as white or are Jewish or part Jewish- or Catholic converts to Judaism -then it will begin to take that personality and culture. If it is run by the Porno industry or Duginiskys or Al Jazeeristi- or the BBC. Same -same. Black Lives Matter using white front groups. The State Department. Or Canadian/ Chinese intelligence or British Confounding our politics or whatever.

      If Jews start a White nationalist group then go and do a lot of anti- Jewish things in the name of white people- then that's dishonest. Or putting on fake wrestling matches for the cameras.. if you will. Creating a dialectic and pestering little white towns.

      You get many people thinking with funny accents. You can't fool a real Polish by someone Presenting as Polish. You can't do that with Americans either. But we are regional. Or Germans or anyone.

      When someone is the real deal on something- whatever it may be- the difference is stark.

    2. Here's an example of Jews fooling people to them upset and riled just out of meanness and profit.
      Have you ever seen "the Amazing Racist".
      That guy is a Jew and the blacks are in on the joke agasint the whites- but foreigners or Black people or Whites don't know that.

      sometimes the alt-Right seems like a joke on white people and also non-whites.

  3. His father has an appropriate nose and, even if not, he has Jewish opponents:

  4. There's no way he's a Jew .. and I don't say that as some sort of fanboy. Look at Spencer's face: not a shred of jewiness.

    But Thernovitch? It's possible. There was speculation I recall last year that he was a Jew. Seems to me it was never resolved. I say Thernovitch is a Jew. Beady eyes, hook nose, lithsp and an aggressive attitude with regard to selling, dealing, and making money. Now that, my brothers, is the distillation of the Jew.

  5. In Germany today there are more than 3700 people still carrying the surname Eckstein, while there are merely 815 Goldsteins, 1100 Goldbergs and only 144 Cohens. Those three super Yiddish surnames taken together do not come close to the total number of Ecksteins present in today's Germany. In fact, there are as many "Steins" in Germany as there are stones. Not all are Jewish.

  6. My congratulations on this alt-right irony. It takes real talent to come up with an issue more absurd than Russiagate, but Spencergate will show the left that the alt-right can out-do them even at this. Does Spencer have some Jewish ancestors indeed? Trump of course has descendants and close advisors who are not only Jewish but uber-Zionist.

  7. This article and this issue generally is why nobody of caliber will join you publicly. Jack Donovan is right about the alt right. I wish he weren't, but he is. Unauthorized (and therefore incomplete) genealogical searches of people in the movement. Wow! Really calling card guys.

  8. Eckstein is not a typical Jewish name; rather its bearers are Germans. This is Dieter Eckstein, perhaps the most well known carrier of the name: https://www.laststicker.com/cards/panini_bundesliga_1993-1994/186/

  9. yeah, I agree....spencer is easily the better leader we have out there...and the whole JQ is a huge mistake...for one, focusing on this JQ cannot fix our problems...period...even if even jew on the planet disappeared today, the elite would still be pushing anti-white multiculti and mass immigration on us...