Culturists are often accused of turning a blind eye to race. So, how does acknowledging racial differences, such as IQ, impact culturist policy?

Watch this video for the answer!


  1. Hm. Nope... didn´t get your difference beteween "culturism" and civic nationalism.
    Regarding earlier "lie" about race - IQ... I certainly see that some points can only be addressed when seemingly going along with some enforced taboos... but would be better to just be silent about it rather than lyingly confirming them... if possible...

    But while I appreciate your general efforts, I would like to take the occasion to address something... of-course the jewish question. To wit: you refer to "us" when you refer to the USA and to Whites... and... sorry... no. Jews are not white, and they are not americans: according to their own statement.

    A group is a binary thing. Can´t have it both ways, either in, or out; pro, or contra. I ask you for a definitive statement that you will be held accountable to (also towards the "jewish community" although they are certainly very understanding wrt some lying to gentiles): are you White?

    So are you responsable for: colonialism slavery racism genocide imperialism and the Holocaust? As every White person apparently is, by virtue of his birth right?

    Jews love to mislead Whites by posturing as White. And Jews are always White when there´s something to collect, and always Jews when Whites are accused of their "crimes". So which one is it?

    A little reference:

    It´s usually impossible to address the jewish question, the double standards, towards a jew. Curious about the results in this case.

    1. I think only Germans are German and only British are British. Only Koreans are Korean. For them,it's not only a cultural thing. It's blood.
      You could make the point about USA, maybe. But after a saturation point....

    2. I also feel no guilt for those things you are saying.I agree with Mr. Press on that.

  2. Peter,

    So, as for Civic Nationalism (CN) - it normally means if you agree to a few "universal principles" you are American. But, it turns out that these principles are NOT universal. And, CN assumes that the West has no culture. CN gives citizenship with no requirements. But, from a culturist perspective, if you, on principle don't drink beer, you cannot be German or British. If you don't drink wine, you're not French.

    Now to the Jewish question. I am a Christian of Jewish descent. In terms of labels, they are situational. A Black Lives Matter person would tag me as White. But, if I went to a KKK rally, I'd be tagged a Jew.

    As per the video, I have never tried to hide being Jewish. Jews have been a part of the West forever, so I am on the side of the West, always. Christian values are the best to live under. And, I would never want to live in Israel, so, the West is my only homeland.

    As per guilt, . . . Colonialism was a good thing. We tried to civilize Africa. Imperialism too. Racism is natural and still used by many nations to unite them. America is the least racist nation on earth. Why would I be guilty for that? We didn't start slavery, we ended it. Again, a source of pride. And, I am very dubious about the claim that Jews were 'holocausted' in gas chambers. And, the crusades were a good thing. So, no guilt, only pride.

    As I have written many times, Jews came to the US as communist rebels against the Czar. That translated into hardcore lefty-ism. Also, Jews use civil rights to protect themselves against pogroms. Again, this pre-disposes them to leftyism.

    As a culturist, I take cultural diversity seriously. So, it would be hypocritical to not notice Jews' heavy left leanings. I would have voted for the 1924 immigration act to ban Jews, even if my family could not come.

    That said, I don't think Jews have always been leftist. Sucking up to the king is what has long sustained Jews lives and positions. Many turned on Obama in the second election. Sadly, even high IQ people can be stupid, so Jews leftist tendencies can't be reversed over night. But, I believe it can be reversed.

    1. The Old Testament prophets argued that one of the reasons for the fall of David's Empire was the fact that Israel's rich were oppressing Israel's poor, and that Yahweh was angry about it.

      A passage from Isiah and a passage from Amos inspired two passages in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

      The Marxist concept of the classless society after the Revolution is similar to the Jewish concept of life after the coming of the Messiah. There will be no war, poverty, or crime.

      This is why Marxism has often been appealing to Jews who lost their religious faith.

      Nevertheless, secular Jews were always in the minority in the Bolshevik Party, and in the various Communist Party's of the Union of Soviet Soviet Republics. No dictator of the Soviet Union was a secular Jew. The Soviet government persecuted religious Jews.

      No matter how rich Jews become, most remember the poverty of the ghetto, the shtetl, and the lower east side of Manhattan. They care about the misery of those left behind. That is one of the things I admire about the Jews.

    2. I think only Germans are German and only British are British. Only Koreans are Korean. For them,it's not only a cultural thing. It's blood.
      You could make the point about USA, maybe. But after a saturation point....

    3. oops, sorry, wrong place.

  3. John, it is important for Jewish people in Europe to realise they are being led into a new Holocaust by their leaders and rebel. It is demonstrable that the two groups lined up for destruction are Whites and Jews.
    The Birmingham Post quoted a former senior Central TV official as saying we must prepare people for Muslims to become the majority. Jans Orbeck former Swedish PM admitted Muslims would take over.

    Now this will surprise many but the key to our survival is by co-operating with other endangered groups like the Jewish communities. In January 2009 Muslims marched through European cities chanting “Jews to the gas” but the media played it down thus allowing it to fester. The difficulty at the moment is that Jewish people still think White Christians are their enemy but mass immigration of Muslims has changed everything. The historical difficulties between our two peoples is not so important while Muslims physically attack Jews in France and Malmo, Sweden and Norway and take our countries off us. As an expedient we have to co-operate for our common defence. The elites are made up of both White and Jewish people and both are destroying their own people.

    The Financial Times of 21 November 2003 reported that the EU's racism watchdog shelved a report on anti-Semitism because it found Muslims and pro-Palestinian groups were perpetrating most racist attacks. The report, "was judged inflammatory" and buried. "The decision not to publish was a political decision." The page from the paper is no longer available online! (7) This same EU has developed The European-Mediterranian Partnership to encourage mass Muslim immigratiomn and replace European peoples and culture by mass immigration of Muslims and a policy of Islamification. This partnership of the EU and Arab countries around the Mediterranean surrounds Israel with hostile countries, gives millions to Palestinian organisations as well as encouraging the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe and replacing indigenous Europeans as well as replacing our culture by an official programme of Islamification. Don't take my word for it research it for yourselves.

    1. David Howells,

      Stopping the Islamic invasion on the basis of protecting Jews is a fine basis, and a legitimate culturist policy basis - I'd vote for it.

      The New York Times article you linked is ghastly. If you invite your enemy into your nation, why would you think they'd magically transform into your supporter upon crossing the border? Our values are not 'universal,' they are western . (the other links were broken).

      "The report, "was judged inflammatory" and buried," you quoted. Either they are afraid of being called 'racist' or they are actually scared of violence if they speak the truth. If it is the second option, the start of genocidal violence against us is coming sooner than if it was due to fear of being called a 'racist.'

    2. Thank you. Its meant to operate in tandem with defending "White Europe". Defending two peoples at once as it were.

      This is reminiscent of the thirties.

  4. Somewhat arbitrarily perhaps I will define "a good American" as someone who speaks English, obeys the law, has no illegitimate children, and stays off of welfare unless he or she becomes unable to work.

    Because non cosmetic racial differences exist, good Americans can be found in all of the races. Because the different races differ in average non cosmetic characteristics some races living in the United States have a higher percentage of good Americans than other races.

    People in some races tend to be more intelligent than people in other races. Some races have higher rates of crime and illegitimacy than other races. I believe that these differences are genetic.

    I would rather that black social pathology be blamed on a bad culture than on bad white people. Nevertheless, culture can change in a generation. Genetic changes require many generations.

    Those who blame average Negro deficiencies on anything other than the Negro genome need to explain why Negro rates of crime and illegitimacy rose after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and why Negro academic performance has improved little, if at all.

  5. I like your definition, I would add cultural attributes to your largely economic criteria: ie you must love our heroes and music and be Judeo / Christian (or at least not Islamic or Hindu).

    Culture and genes are always both important. For certain behaviors we can measure the contribution of each. But, we cannot control race, we can control culture.

    So, I am confused by your last two paragraphs. In one you are okay with blaming culture; in the second you say all is genome. You're right that the genome doesn't explain quick changes. Those are cultural.

    Regardless, we have to lower the black and white illegitimacy rates. And, we must expect that there will never be as many black physicists as white ones. But, we don't have to accept 'thug culture' from anyone.


  6. Newsflash Infidels.
    Muslim Lawyers and Muslim Sharia councillors are telling Muslim tenants of the Grenfell towers inferno, to tell the media and the Newspapers that they are suffering great traumas. that they cant sleep they just see their friends and neighbours being burnt alive. But how did this fire really start, Scotland yard. D.S has spoke out and told someone that there were suspected Islamic extremists living in these towers but wont say who until all the investigations are dealt with. some of these extremists may be still alive and in hiding hoping they are considered dead, "that way they can hide within Islamic extremist cells in many parts of the Capital. One police insider said that the fire might have been caused by a home made fire bomb or some sort of pipe bomb going of unexpectedly. so someone has said. This man here was actually kissed and hugged by. Victoria Derbyshire for laughing at the picture of a white man trying to throw his two children to safety. he was giggllng you can see him then he covers his face to hide his inner joy. Victoria said it must have been a nervous laugh, she is covering up for her own stupidity. This fire is giving Islam an open bank balance to every Muslim in that building dead or alive. The fact that the government ar giving out tens of thousands of your money for one Muslims family to live here on benefits awaiting to be awarded a mass sum of money in their claim for their sons death. which will then allow them and their large family including cousins who have arrived in London 1st class paid for by you the tax-payers.. This Tower was a gateway to Muslims to live on benefits, which most of them where. 92% of he Muslims living in the Grenfell tower where unemployed and some of them illegal migrants or migrants awaiting citizenship status. This fire will give Islam a fortune, they know more than anyone how easy it is for them to bleed the system. I feel so sorry for the real victims in this towering inferno. kids mostly. what a sad day it is for them and their loving families.

  7. I noticed that in the coverage, no one looks British there! If that were a random, representative group of British tenants, we'd be threw. I'm glad to hear that it was possibly just a sample of buildings with terrorists.