Manosphere blogger Roosh V explains why Manchester will change nothing as long as women and their feelings are allowed to vote.

Roosh argues that female suffrage has helped create the Leftist political climate that is allowing the colonization of the West by the Third World. With Angela Merkel on track to win another election in Germany later this year, is there any hope of improving things?


  1. OK: the power - calculation:
    as long as anybody is able to credibly threaten me, as long I´ll need allies to keep that one in check.
    That calculation is done by everybody: i.e., also women.
    Moh´s keep White males in check (from a collective uprising, or from being the majority again etc.), so moh´s are the natural ally of women, and women will stick with islamisation as long as they consider the White-male-block as a threat.

    Discomfortingly, I read a thought-exoeriment regarding bitcoin, as an anonymous payment method, and the darknet. It was posited that everybody now can buy a killer over the darknet anonymously, and that means: TOTAL EQUALITY OF POWER !

    -> now think from that point on: WHO would buy these killer-services? Hm? Do an honest thinking !: it may very well be WOMEN who buy such services: so as to balance THE NATURAL PHYSICAL SUPERIORITY of men ! And no amount of lovey-dovey and complementary and togetherness and common family and kids will change that !: the woman is dependent on the mercy of the man, and in her heart of hearts no living being will take that if it can change it !!

    -> so this thought experiment shows you: in their heart of hearts, the women WILL LOOK FOR ALLIES to balance the power of the White-male-block !

    So that is the truth about our situation.
    Please be aware - put off the naive-hat - : all that happens happens because of POWER-STRUGGLE.
    What is the solution? Well, my catch-phrase is "dilution of power" which can be accomplished by organisational tools over the internet. But... actually, a solution would also be to actually encourage the bitcoin darknet killer model: as when it´s established and practized, the females don´t need no moh´s anymore and will be more willing to drive them out.

  2. Birmingham will be done soon and these supporters of terrorism must be held to account!

  3. If the 'female suffrage' thesis is true, then its effect can be reversed: find ways to emotionally persuade women to vote the other way.

  4. He's right. We've been living in post Camp of the Saints since about 2001.