The recent US bombing of pro-Assad forces in Syria was caused by a direct threat to the wider US strategy, which is on the brink of failure.

To anyone who has been paying attention, the US-strategy in Syria is obvious. It is to isolate and weaken the Assad government until it collapses. In order to achieve that goal it is vital to isolate Assad-controlled territory in the populous West of the country from Iraq, a largely sympathetic Shiite-dominated state, and Iran.

In short, the main US goal in the Syrian war is to break the Shiite corridor that stretches all the way from Tehran to the Hezbollah bases in Lebanon, and keep it broken. This is essentially because it is perceived as a threat to Israel, a country that US-political donors are over-keen to protect.

For several years the US has achieved its purpose through the rise of ISIS in the less populous East of Syria. This has effectively cut off Assad's Syria from its allies. But now that ISIS has become toxic, the US is trying to find suitable substitutes to perform this function. In the North it has been having success with the largely Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, but in the South its attempt to create a suitable alternative has been less successful.

In recent months the US and its allies—Jordan and the UK—have been backing Maghawir Al-Thawra, essentially an astroturf group bolstered by special forces and mercenaries, but with few organic roots in the conflict. Recently Maghawir Al-Thawra had some success against ISIS, who are overstretched.

But, in recent days, Assad forces, bolstered by Iranians and Hezbollah allies, have noticed the game being played by America, and have responded by pushing hard into Maghawir Al-Thawra territory.

As the above map shows, their aim is to drive down to the Iraq border and effectively reopen the Shiite Corridor once more. This is why the US decided to bomb their advance.

One story being presented in the media is that the advance of Assad forces threatened US and British personnel at An Tanf. That is purely a secondary consideration, as these could easily be removed in time.

The Syrian move is being made in such strength, and Maghawir Al-Thawra is apparently so weak, that the US attempt to stop the advance seems doomed to failure.

Also, Syria is now deploying its own air force to protect the advance, making future strikes on it a lot more dicey for the US and its allies.

Once the Assad forces reach the part of the Iraqi border controlled by the Iraqi government, they will have effectively reopened the Shiite Corridor and defeated America's main strategic goal of keeping them isolated by land.

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  1. It's strange to hope for the defeat of American, or at least American-backed forces. But as this fight drags on and on, I'm more and more convinced that the Assad regime is the best one for Syria.

    1. It is terrible to realize that your country is in the wrong. Worse still, is to realize how wrong it has been for so long.

  2. 'o anyone who has been paying attention, the US-strategy in Syria is obvious. It is to isolate and weaken the Assad government until it collapses'

    With respect, that is a tactic, not a strategy. In order to divine what the strategy which employs this tactic is, one must understand the motives for regarding Assad as problematic. This might be any of a number of things, and it would be a rash outsider who claimed to understand which option is in play. That Assad's alliance with Russia naturally makes him stand in the way of the Saudi plan to pipe oil through the region, to a European destination in Bulgaria, is one such potential reason. Russia would suffer competition as Europe's nearest energy source. Another is the natural enmity between Israel and the so-called 'Sunni crescent', of which Assad's Syria represents the first domino they target for pushing. There are others of course. But by no means is 'the US strategy in Syria' even moderately clear, far less is it 'obvious'.

  3. Until the "Alt-Right" grasps geopolitics, especially in its grubby economic philanderings, then it's going to have to keep on guessing what comes next.

    Russia is on the side of Russia. America is on the side of America. And Assad needs all the help he can get. It's pretty basic stuff. Nationalism isn't one of those branded ideologies that somehow magically connects those that adhere to its basic tenets be they Kurd, Texan or Siberian.

    1. No America is on the side of Israel that's where u got it wrong

    2. No, America is on the side of America. The bit that you're getting wrong is that you believe that America is an ethno-homogeneous nation in the everywhere else sense of the term.

      It isn't. Israel is. Albeit in a post industrial sense of the term. Israel is also a client-state of Uncle Sam in spite of what your Aryan Nations pastor taught you.

      America is the problem. Stop. Not Americans. Stop. It's the biggest social experiment fuck-up in history. Stop. It's why we're all fucked. Stop.