Monday, 1 May 2017


Richo vs. Milo

by Alt-Right News

In a scathing video posted on’s YouTube channel, Richard Spencer has denounced Milo Yiannopoulos’s recently announced comeback. Only days ago Milo had announced that he had received $12 million in funding to found a media and public speaking company designed to trigger Leftists and Liberals.

But Spencer sees Milo as a hollow sham, with no real principles or ideology, who will merely serve as a distraction from the real Alt-Right. In his video Spencer warned Milo not to "surf" on the Alt-Right as he did previously when he rose to fame.
"The Altright pretty unequivocally hates Milo,” Spencer snarled. “There may be one or two exceptions but those people are themselves homosexual. Milo and the Alt-Right are not friends. I feel like I do have to say this and I hope that someone takes this little clip out of this video. But Milo is not Alt-Right. Milo has never really been Alt-Right."

The Alt-Right “brand” has had an interesting and somewhat tortuous history since it was launched in 2010. At one point, Spencer himself even moved away from it, with the shutting down in 2013 of the original site and the founding of Radix.

This left it up to Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell to maintain the continuity of the brand, something that was later boosted by the term’s growing popularity on social media and its partial co-option by predominantly anti-Semitic, trollish, Neo-Nazi, “1488” sites like TRS and (((The Daily Stormer))).

Spencer started reasserting his connection to the brand in 2015, and early this year launched, an attempt to unify the disparate strands of the Alt-Right into a coherent package with core principles and characteristics, including White identitarianism, awareness of the Jewish Question, a trollish and ironic sensibility, intellectualism, and a positive assertion of White interests within the "wider moral framework" of Western values.

Milo shares the trollish and ironic sensibility of the Alt-Right, as well as the more "negative" Western values like "freedom" and "individualism," but is incredibly weak at anything necessary for a healthy and positive ideology or identity.



  1. Spencer has done more ham to the AltRight than Milo with his petulant tantrums shutting down the AltRight site and destroying many important essays and his personal vendettas against individual writers. However, his worst negative is portraying the movement as White Supremist. In the latter he has played into the oppositions hands and set himself up for serious physical assault but worst, he has incriminated the whole movement. This is the problem with following self-appointed leaders who have too much narcissism and not enough intelligence.

    1. Spencer may not be perfect, he is more acceptable and more presentable than a homosexual, race-mixing,clownish behaving half-Jew, which is what Milo is.

      I am not aware of Spencer calling the movement "white supremacist". If I remember correctly, he denied the wish to rule over other races, which is the definition of white supremacism. Maybe he called (half jokingly) other races "white supremacist" because of their wish to live in white countries with their superior civilization?

    2. It is pronounced'supreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme-acist !

  2. Franklin, I have just been looking at the film by Richard Wolfenston and like the egregious use of bad language we see again how the AltRight is imitating the decadence of the Socialists. We should be setting higher standards not sinking to their level. Many of the Vloggers are foul-mouthed yobs and I seriously wonder if they are really on our side or SPLC infiltrators to discredit us. It is important for us to maintain moral standards not let ourselves go and drop to the degenerate level of the opposition.

  3. I understand Spencer was schooled in his ideas by his wife! The rather elementary argument he makes about power and conquest in the woeful situation we are in is firstly, unrealistic; second, from a position of weakness it encourages excessive violence against AltRighters at a time when the police and media are on the other side. That is tactically inept and he will be seriously attacked and bring the same on his more innocent followers. I always rated Bowden but disagreed with his power talks as unrealistic.

  4. Milo doesn't identify as alt-right though, he has frequently said "I''m not alt-right, the alt-right hate me" so it seems little Richie is just bitching about nothing. Surprise surprise.



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