Prick up your ears!

by Colin Liddell
"And all our yesterdays have lighted fools" ⁓ MacBeth
When things like the Manchester bomb attack happen, there is an immediate outpouring of articles, reports, broadcasts, and memes. Some of them are informative, many of them are repetitive and redundant, others just irritating and infuriating. It is also noticeable that many of them are attempting to tell you what to think and feel in a case where Common Sense and natural emotion would be your best guide.

One thing that struck me, listening to the BBC Radio 5's late night coverage of the aftermath of the bombing, was how similar the tone was to Radio Moscow broadcasts in the 1980s, which I remember from my childhood. Both had the same cheery emptiness of people following a script, or more accurately rigid guidelines that had been drummed into them again and again and again.

It is always clear what any state or corporate broadcaster wants you to think, because the same little set phrases or snippets of "information" repeatedly crop up. That night the memo had clearly been sent out to foreground "positive and sensitive kebabism" as much as possible. Long before the BBC was prepared to admit officially that this was an attack by a Muslim, this was a tacit admission by them that the terrorist act was seen as Islamic in nature.

Apart from my general impression I remember two things in particular. One was a "meme" about Muslim taxi drivers giving people free lifts home.  I'm not sure how important or true  this was, but clearly it served the BBC's agenda to bang on about it endlessly, although I found it rather sinister. The other thing I remember was a clearly emotionally upset Muslim man who was worried about his daughter, who had gone to Ariana Grande's concert. His name was Imran, a well-enough-known Muslim name for the effect intended, namely to remind everyone, including the "slow kids" at the back of the class, that Muslims let their young daughters go to THOT concerts too and that "we're all in the same boat, aren't we?"

On the less politically correct side we have people like Paul Joseph Watson, Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson, etc., writing, tweeting, and podcasting in a somewhat shrill manner about how it is "finally time" to get angry blah, blah, blah. There is a shrill tone of “we can't take this anymore” and of being at the end of our collective tether.

In a sense this is just as disingenuous as the other side. Why? Because we all know we are not on the cusp of the Great Uprising against the evils of mass immigration, Islamification, and multiculturalism.

In fact, these two tendencies—the calming "we are all one" tendency and the "we've finally crossed the line" tendency—could be said to be working together. One works to calm and confuse the gullible and angry,  while the other allows those who can't be calmed to impotently vent their anger and general "wokeness" in the endless blind spaces, echo chambers, and distorting mirrors of the Internet. Time and a splurge of angry memes is a great healer.

Over on Aryan Skynet Hipster Racist perceptively writes:
"The goal of 'ISIS' is to force Europeans to ethnically cleanse Muslims from Europe.

Muslims gained nothing from any terrorist attack from 9/11 on. Every terrorist attack hurt the Muslim diaspora. There were no strategic goals realized – even Bin Laden’s stated goal of getting US troops out of Saudi Arabia was never really achieved.

The West is the world’s preeminent military power, the Muslim world is barely above third world level and is third world level in many places. All the 'ISIS' and 'Al Qaeda' terrorism has done is to give a pretext for Western intervention into the Muslim world, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Libya to Syria.

Without Muslim terrorism, Europe would have slowly been taken over by Muslims simply via immigration and birth rates...Apparently the goal of 'ISIS' and 'Al Qaeda' is to unite America and Europe against Muslims everywhere and to goad them into 'bombing them, killing their leaders, and converting them to Christianity' as Ann Coulter said."
But just as Islamic terrorism fails to achieve Islamic goals, so the same could be said for all the anti-Islamic anger that is now washing around the interwebs in the wake of Arianageddon. "No more Manchesters! No more Bataclans! No more Nices!" ...well, at least not until the next time.

Go back to sleep.
People are angry and maybe even slightly more people are angry this time than last time, and, who knows, maybe some of them might even stay angrier for slightly longer—although maybe some who where angry on previous occasions might just feel dulled and jaded this time.

The reality is we are nowhere near doing anything about this problem. Essentially, we will have to wait for things to get a lot harder, a lot more dysfunctional, and a lot more economically fucked-up. Only then will there be a chance of the mass rape of 1400 English girls in Rotherham or the blowing up of kids at a THOT concert in Manchester being the catalyst of the change we need. Until then, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat...


  1. Good comment and unfortunately so true. The way out is to serve your anger coldly. We need to work harder to built up our own side institutionally, so that we have finally the bigger megaphone. If we had that, we would not even have to wait until things have broken down to the point of hay forks and torches. We could throw out our enemies with editorials and parliamentary decisions, letting the state, OUR state do the work, while sitting on the porch with a cold beer in the hand.

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    2. I tend to agree. If the British are ok with London being 40% White, then what are they not ok with? There isn't going to be some kind of Earth-shattering event that wakes up Western Europe. It's going to be more of the "slowly boiled frog" that the Left does so well.

      In 2030, Eastern Europe, led by Poland, will begin a Reconquista of Europe. Poland perhaps can't into space but will into Paris and London. The only unknown is Russia. Will Russia let little Poland conquer -- I mean, liberate -- the faggoty cucks of the West? Or will Russia want to take it for herself?

      What's not going to happen, as Boomer cucks might say, is an Islamic Western Europe. Once the 80 IQ Muslims gain control (I give it 10 years), it's either Visegrád or Russia running the show.

  2. Islam has now replaced Marxism as the Third World's ressentiment ideology of choice.

    Personally, I'm learning to appreciate the post-atrocity carnival of bland memes and "community leaders". The warm and fuzzy generic sensation of "unity in diversity" that washes over me replacing the dull ache of the existential void of cultural displacement, if only for a brief instant.

    Well, until the next [insert name of major Western European conurbation] target is selected for induction.

  3. A light in the darkness:

    1. No vid link posting without vid description.

    2. Ok, here: It's prole ale-swiller Tommy Robinson yelling into the camera on Infowars about GETTIN' ANGRY! For real this time Ie what you describe as "FINALLY TIME" nonsense that is just a steam valve. All these people are going to do is chat with their mates about it down the pub and have a few (ok more than a few) beers.

      That said, there is not much that the average Tom Dick or Harry can realistically do about the situation. EXCEPT, educating their children. So maybe instead of getting pissed down the pub you could be teaching your children Latin and Greek? You could be teaching them about Plato, Thomas Aquinas, and the other pillars of the West? You could be creating highly indoctrinated cultural shock troops who will ruthlessly destroy everything and everyone who stands opposed to them?

      Because that's what the (((Left))) did.

  4. The deeper roots of the "Manchester Problem".


  5. When someone says not all Muslims are terrorists that might be a good time to remind them that not all white people were slaveholders.

    1. It's a statistical reality that hardly any white people were slaveowners. At the peak of slavery in the USA, about 1.6% of whites owned slaves.