Sunday, 16 April 2017


One of the great Jewish contributions to the world of politics is the idea of a dedicated but optional homeland for a particular race or ethnic group, like Israel is for the Jews.

In his latest video, RamZPaul looks into how this idea can be "franchised out" (at no cost) to the Goyim, advocating for a White homeland somewhere in the World, to which any White person can go to live in exactly the same way that Jews can go to live in Israel.


  1. Really, this is such a defensive approach one could think of a hippy talking or Gandhi. And this is why i don´t understand the alt-right not joining the legalization movement. Hungary is a country with easy access to weed and lots of smokers (officially its illegal). Same is true for Catalonia, they have Cannabis-clubs and want their state independence. Sweden on the other hand has one of the strictest anti-drug policies in Europe, very hard to get pot there. We see a pattern: wherever people have access to Ganja they become identitarian and don´t take orders from Brussels and so on.

  2. So we have European Zionism and White Shariah. This is excellent. It extends the debate into areas that will perplex the enemy. It is in the spirit of those WNs who recommend a close reading of Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals". We will use their ideas against them.

  3. RamZPaul has been making this argument for some time. It is a good idea to develop a rhetorical strategy. Rhetoric in the original sense is not a derogatory term. Logic, grammar, and rhetoric are the three components of the trivium, the medieval liberal-arts curriculum for aspiring men of thought, letters, and speech. As such, rhetoric is the classical liberal art of speech. On of its precepts is that, if one would succeed in persuading an audience, one must build upon shared premises – common grounds of agreement – which actually appeal to them, before drawing novel conclusions for one's own proposition, which the audience might not otherwise have considered. RamZPaul is thus on the right track to suggest a rhetorical strategy that appeals to agreement about the legitimacy of Israel as an ethno-state. However, "ethno-state" is different, at least in connotation, from "racial-state", i.e., demanding an equivalent to Israel should use the term European, not white. The idea that Jews are a separate race from whites is not widely accepted, e.g., there is a case to be made even among Alt-Righters that Ashkenazi Jews are mostly white. And, the term "European" implies racial whiteness adequately for the purpose of winning the argument. The best strategy is to argue for the right to a homeland for all Europeans and European-diaspora peoples including European-Americans, European-South Africans, European-Australians, etc.



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