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Thursday, 7 November 2013


by Brett Stevens

Logical fallacies are not the be-all and end-all of logic. In fact, they’re just a handy shorthand for recognizing common mistakes made in argument. However, if you find one present in an argument that someone is making, like “we should all be liberals,” you should proceed with caution.

Where the basic assumptions are logical errors, more are sure to follow. And worse, those who accept logical errors can’t tell the difference between insanity and sanity, so you’re in for a rough ride.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


In three months of campaigning, New York City Public Advocate and presumptive mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has accomplished the impossible: making Mike Bloomberg look good.

Given that the diminutive Jewish billionaire has managed to piss off just about everyone during his decade-plus reign as the Big Apple's Il Duce, that's no small deal. Between his fascistic anti-gun policies, his war on sodas and other fattening foods, neutering the city's term limit law in a blatant power grab and using the NYPD as his personal Praetorian Guard, it's a wonder that Gracie Mansion hasn't been torched by an angry mob yet.

Monday, 4 November 2013


Note: The following is an portion of a speech I gave at a National Front meeting on cultural themes.

The Elizabethan theatre had several great playwrights: Thomas Dekker, Robert Greene, Thomas Kyd, George Chapman, George Peele and so on; however, I’m going to concentrate on two: William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. Everyone in Britain, of course, knows Shakespeare even if only as a name, but Marlowe is less well known and there are reasons for that, despite him being at least as good a playwright as Shakespeare.

Little is actually known about these playwrights, their opinions, views and philosophy of life; it is not like nowadays, where anyone even remotely famous is interviewed and scrutinised by the press in minute detail in what’s become a sort of mass voyeurism. We do know, however, how Kit Marlowe died: he was stabbed in a bar fight. Can you imagine Kenneth Brannagh getting into a brawl in a pub? As I have said, the theatre was not the effete parlour for luvvies it is now.



There are three types of people in the world: People who haven’t heard of the paleo diet, people who have tried the paleo diet, and people who can’t wait to tell you how stupid it is.

People in the last group want to tell you how we’re still evolving, how different groups evolved differently, how you couldn’t live like our ancestors even if you tried, how the paleo diet isn’t sustainable for the world’s growing population, how SCIENCE! can produce superior health and athleticism, and how all that meat and fat will make you obese and give you a heart attack.